AI-Generated ad creatives and landing pages in minutes

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Jumpstart your campaigns with customizable, shoppable microsites and ads tailored to your brand.

AI generated recommendations 

Using information about your product line, brand, target audience, and campaign goals, Path is able to recommend copy and imagery that will perform, letting you customize it as you like.

Fully shoppable landing pages

Path also generates a custom shoppable microsite for each ad using templates customized for your brand. Path will recommend the best copy and imagery to use, populate the template, and publish with one click.

Integrates with your current Shopify store

Path integrates with your Shopify API to make the pages directly shoppable and uses the latest technology to ensure fast-loading pages.

Customized to your brand

We provide popular templates out-of-the-box that can be customized to fit specifically with your brand.

Deploy in seconds

Using the latest technology, Path generates and deploys your custom microsite in seconds, making iterations fast.

Learns from your results

Each new campaign benefits from learnings from the last to improve your key metrics over time.

How it works

1. Describe your campaign goals

Tell our AI what your goals are, from broad marketing campaigns to highlighting individual products and services.

2. Generate ads

Using recommended imagery and copy that looks at the best stock photography, in-house content, and auto-generated product shots. We guide you to get the best results.

3. Generate shoppable landing pages

For each ad, Path will generate a custom shoppable landing page integrated with your Shopify store using the approved copy and imagery in a template customized for your brand.

4. Run your campaign

After you’re done making tweaks to your liking, your campaign is ready to run. Run multiple ads and landing pages at once, paired together for the best performance.

5. Measure market performance

The campaigns don’t stop at launch. Path will measure which ads and landing pages are performing best according to your goals, providing insights that help you iterate on your creative to get the best performance.

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